Janet Grbec's Story

I have always looked at life as a book, that is opened when we are born and is finally closed when we die, and my weight loss journey as a long and involved chapter in this book, that will be completed and lead to a better and healthier life.

My journey started September 2007 and has continued through my ups and downs and times when I did not seem to go anywhere; as it seemed to stall, but I persisted and finally my weight has started to come off again.

I first thought about TOWN when I saw a notice in the Central Clinic Medical Centre, as I was waiting.  I thought maybe it could help me.  I had tried by myself to lose weight, but it would last two or three weeks and it would stall and I would get annoyed and upset and go back to old habits, as I would get discouraged with my progress other times, when I tried to lose weight.   I was doing it for other people, my husband, my children or my parents, and so I could not succeed.   But this time I was doing it for myself and sometimes, it seemed selfish, but unless you do it for yourself, you will not succeed.

I found it good to set goals, not huge unobtainable ones, but small ones. The first 6.5kgs, then 10kgs and now I am almost up to losing 32.5kgs and two-thirds of the way through my weight-loss journey.

When it comes to losing weight, I applaud those people who can lose good amounts week after week.  I am a plodder when it comes to weight loss.  I do it little by little, then have a hiccup every so often, but I plod on, and it has come off.  

Attending the meetings has been very helpful for me; only missing one meeting since I started.

Through this journey, I have not been able to see myself as losing, even though I was able to accept the numbers that the scales were telling me.  It has only been in the last month or so that I have actually looked at myself and acknowledged that I am getting thinner.   I have gone from a size 24-26 to a size 18 and heading towards a size 16.

Through this journey I found it helpful when people around me, gave encouragement, as it built up my self-esteem and helped me to go on and work a little bit harder.

Now, as well as working to the eating plan, (it is not a diet, but a lifestyle change), I am doing 30 minutes a day on the cross trainer and even though I hate it I am persisting with the exercise and at the present moment, it is working as I am losing weight again.

With this weight loss there are obvious things that you know will happen, like clothes getting looser, but there are a lot of things that are occurring, that I did not think about.  Rings getting looser, shoes fitting better, my knees no longer hurt as much and it is easier to go up and down the steps at home.  My nails are stronger and growing faster and my skin and hair have a healthier sheen about them.  

I have a lot more energy and am able to do things much easier without losing my breath and panting.  I am happier and more contented with life.

I know in my heart, that I will graduate from the club at my goal weight and walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding.