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Meeting with others who share a common weight loss goal will encourage you to achieve your ideal weight. Our clubs provide the ideal supportive environment and we look forward to you joining us. Your weight loss begins right here!

Membership Requirements

To be eligible to become a TOWN Club member, you need to:


All clubs keep their fees to a minimum. There is a joining fee of approximately $57.00 - $70.00.

$57.00 of this joining fee goes directly to TOWN Clubs of Victoria to cover the cost of the TOWN Office, Public Liability Insurance and all the costs of running and managing TOWN.

An Annual fee of $57.00 is payable to TOWN Clubs of Victoria. A weekly fee from $5.00 to $10.00 payable to the club you join for 50 weeks of each year.

Doctor's Letters

One of the requirements before you join a TOWN Club is to visit your local Doctor and obtain a letter stating your Goal Weight. This can be the weight that you need to reach to be within a healthy range, or an interim weight target if you have a lot of weight to lose and your Doctor would like to check your health before you receive your next Goal Weight.