Shirley Baker - Ararat

Category: Graduate 2008

Shirley joined the Ararat club on the 19th April 1982 after being encouraged by one of her family members. Shirley lost 32.6 kilos in 9 months and graduated on the 28/2/1983.

Shirley has held Graduate status continually for 25 years. During this time she has battled several serious illnesses, but nothing has deterred her from regular attendance at club or willingness to always be available to help other members in their quest for weight loss and maintenance of that loss.

Shirley lives and breathes the philosophies of TOWN; she is the beacon of the Ararat TOWN Club. Her dedication to her weight loss journey is one that all members try to emulate. Shirley is always "there" to motivate and assist everyone, especially Former Graduates, many of whom have sought support and guidance from Shirley to get their weight loss journey back on track.

Shirley is always modest about her achievements and is always telling everyone that there is no secret about her amazing achievements, just dedication and that magic quality WILLPOWER. A quality that she has perfected over the 25 years.