Zita Ragg - Scoresby

Category: Outstanding Service 2014

Scoresby TOWN Club committee and members are honoured to have the opportunity to present the submission on behalf of our long term and very valued member, Zita Ragg.

Zita joined TOWN in July 1995 and graduated in 1996.  Zita was an office volunteer in 1997/1998, assisting with her secretarial skills, and gave selflessly her time, working two days per week.  Zita was Zone 5 Secretary from 1999-2002, a position she held and served with distinction for the full term allowed of three years.  Zita established many Clubs, with the help of the Zone teams.  Zita was a TOWN Board member from 2002-2012.  From 2002-2005 she was the Board representative for Zones 4, 5 and 10.  2005-2008 Zita held the role of Minute Secretary which she filled efficiently and with great dedication.  2008-2010 zita was a Zone representative for Zones 4, 5 and 10.  2010-2012 Zita was elected to the position of Vice Chair of the TOWN Board, and in 2012-2013 Zita accepted the role of Chairperson and continued to work tirelessly for the organisation that she was totally committed to.  Zita has served Scoresby TOWN club continuously over the last 19 years, holding various committee roles.

As a TOWN member, Zita has from the outset, understood the need to achieve and maintain her own weight loss goals, doing her very best to achieve graduate status, and then continuing to work hard maintaining her status.  There have been personal challenges during her many years of service.  However few would know about these, as she serves selflessly and with dedication.

Zita holds the position of club welfare person, this requires keeping track of sick or injured members, she sends cards, visits often with flowers and phones those whon cannot attend Club.  Reports are given regularly at Club of their progress.  It does not need to be said how much this is appreciated.

Often an extra person is needed to run a competition to inspire members to keep working towards their personal goals, whilst enjoying being a member of TOWN.  The setting up and manning of the tables required for the current competition is another of the many tasks she handles whilst still making sure that her other duties at club level are covered. 

At the time of preparing this submission Zita was working hard coordinating our current community project, which is keeping our members hands busy knitting squares that are made up into knee rugs.  When we have several finished, they are given as gifts to clients of the local nursing homes, these have been received by many with great pleasure.  Most of our members have joined in and worked with Zita on this project she initiated.

By now I am sure you are all aware of the esteem we hold Zita in at Scoresby TOWN Club and we are pleased to submit this on her behalf.