Sue Doughty - Ferntree Gully

Category: Outstanding Service 2013

For the 4th time the Committee and Members of Ferntree Gully TOWN Club would like to nominate Sue Doughty for the Outstanding Service Award.

We believe Sue would be a fitting winner of the TOWN Outstanding Service Award for the many hours she has voluntarily given to TOWN Clubs of Victoria and Ferntree Gully TOWN Club.  Firstly, we acknowledge that Sue is a paid, part-time employee of TOWN Clubs of Victoria BUT this application is for all the hours that Sue has volunteered over the 18 years she has been a member of TOWN. 

It is hard to estimate the many hours that Sue has put in to make sure Ferntree Gully TOWN Club runs smoothly every week.  She has rarely missing a meeting for many years and has put in many voluntary hours for our club.   Sue arrives early and helps set up our club for the meeting and is always one of the last to leave each night.  For many years she has assisted in doing our Agendas every 8 weeks.  Sue assists with preparation of Group Therapy for our club, delivers flowers to our sick members and makes phone calls to members who have not attended for several weeks to make sure they are okay. She has organised several Social Functions for our club to help bond our members together.

Sue has always made herself available to assist all TOWN Clubs as well.  We believe she would be an incredible popular choice as she has reached out to so many clubs over so many years.

We heartily recommend Sue to the Hall of Fame Submission Committee as a worthy winner of the TOWN Outstanding Service Award for 2013.  We believe that Sue’s contribution to TOWN has been outstanding and amazing.