Sharon Saunders - Wyndham

Category: Weight Loss 2013

Wyndham members have pleasure in nominating Sharon Saunders for the Hall of Fame in the category of weight loss.

Sharon joined Wyndham on 6th May 2005 and has since lost 28.8 kilos.  Before joining TOWN Sharon had struggled with her weight, but now finds that with the support of fellow members she can take control of her journey.  She has been able to maintain her weight loss over time as she works towards finding her ideal goal weight.  Sharon is always cheerful, friendly and accommodating, willing to help others both with their weight loss goals and also with the operation of the Club.  Sharon is an excellent communicator, always willing to listen to others and also confident in speaking in front of the group at Wyndham TOWN.  Sharon has served in a variety of committee roles since joining Wyndham TOWN, and is always looking for exciting challenges to keep members on track, seeking input from all members. 

Wyndham felt that Sharon should be nominated for the weight loss category as this is a prestigious award and Sharon is an invaluable member of TOWN.