John Walker - Bendigo

Category: Weight Loss 2012

John joined Bendigo in November 2003 and was awarded a 50 kg award in 2011, along with his mum.  John has lost a total of 51.8 kgs.  John achieved his graduate status on 8th June 2011.

John is a quiet achiever who is always at the Club and ready to put his hand up for anything that is required within the Club.  He is a very helpful member who works away in the background.  John is an outstanding, active Club Member who has worked in various positions on the committee of Bendigo, currently in the weigh in room.

John is often the representative for Bendigo at TOWN meetings.  John has focused on his “weight loss journey” and is very much a Club man, and now helps new members of TOWN with their journey. Bendigo felt that John should be nominated for the weight loss category as this is a prestigious award and John is a worthy winner.