Linda Morton - Rosemont

Category: Outstanding Service 2005

Linda joined Billanook T.O.W.N. in 1986 graduating in the same year. Elected as Leader, Linda attended the State Annual Meeting where she took on the role of State Treasurer.

Elected as State Vice President in 1990 was involved with the first wave of national publicity which began the rapid growth of our organization. During 1991-92 with the expertise provided by Rex Morton, Linda's husband, the DOS program was written and installed.

Elected State President in 1992 and together with the State Executive began to start new Clubs by providing loans and assistance where required. Appointed country delegates to the State Executive Committee, instigated the 3 Year Graduate Awards, Incorporation, Public Liability Insurance and Non-Profit Status.

In 1993-95 with the assistance of many talented members saw the planning of a structure to provide management at a local level and was involved with a re-write of the rule book which resulted in the TOWN Affiliated Club regulations and TOWN Member Regulations.

While State Vice President in 1995-6 took part in the release of the Resource Manual with a special section on Weight Recording.

Linda transferred to Rosemont in 1996-97 during which time Executive members were trying to run the expanding organization from their homes. With the assistance of volunteers the TOWN Office was set up in Mitcham; however it soon became apparent that the office would have to be run by paid staff as volunteers had very limited time to cope with the increasing workload.

Linda became State Administrator in 1997 which changed to C.E.O. in 2001 making her responsible for the administration for the TOWN Office the employment of office staff. Since Linda's appointment as C.E.O the following improvements have been implemented.

Linda is a 19 Year Graduate and attends Rosemont on a regular basis where she is a respected member who is passionate about Group Therapy.

Linda also has a life outside of TOWN. She is a wife to Rex who is confined to Wheel chair due to MS, a mother of 5 and a Grandmother of 8.

T.OW.N Clubs of Victoria is indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated person as Linda at the helm of its organization.