Elsa Rees - Maroondah

Category: Gradute 2005

Elsa joined T.O.W.N. on 23rd October 1975 after her Doctor informed her she was a prime candidate for a stroke. Weighing in at 108.5 kg Elsa reached her goal weight on 18th May 1978 losing 35 kg. Although having lost weight, Elsa had a stroke in 1979 and while regaining movement and speech, her husband Harry would drive her to Club meetings so she was able to maintain Graduate status.

Elsa has held status during her 30 year membership and has been Maroondah's Club Graduate 13 times, Runner-up 5 times and 2nd Runner-up 4 times. Elsa has also been a State Graduate in 1983-84, 84-85, 86-87 and 88-89 and is due for a 27 year award in 2005-2006.

During her time as a member Elsa has served on both Club and State committees as Weigher, Assistant Weight Recorder, Weight Recorder, Assistant Registrar and Registrar. Elsa was also responsible for much of the early data entered into the DOS system still used at Head Office to-day.