Charles Mangle - Stawell

Category: Weight Loss 2005

Charles Mangle joined TOWN on 27th January 2003 unable to weigh on Club scales as he was 210 kg. Charles had to weigh in at a local industrial estate until he had lost enough weight to fit on Club scales.

Charles was Club King in 2004 with a loss of 56.7 kg and was State King that year receiving a 50 kg award.

Charles was again Club King in 2005 with a loss of 26.6 kg. Annette Sym presented Charles with a 100 kg award for a total loss of 103.6 kg.

His weight loss has improved his health tremendously.

With the support of Stawell Club Charles continues to strive towards his goal weight of 100 kg. As a member of the Club he takes new members under his wing encouraging them to achieve their own personal goals. Charles produces the Clubs' monthly newsletter, donates prizes for special nights and has taken on Group Leader responsibilities.