Mildred McIntosh - Aspendale

Category: Graduate 2006

Mildred first joined Town Club after seeing an advertisement in her local paper. She saw this as her last chance to lose weight and it was the weekly weigh in that encouraged her to continue.

Mildred originally joined the Moorabbin Town Club on 30th March 1987 and graduated on 2nd December 1987. In her time at Moorabbin she remained in Graduate status.

In April 1991 Mildred became a foundation member of the Aspendale Town Club coming from Moorabbin Town Club with 23 other foundation members.

She is always caring and encouraging to other members and is an inspiration to people in their endeavour to lose weight.

She is a willing worker around the club and an excellent club member. She is well respected and loved within the club.

She has never changed her goal weight since commencing at Town Club and has never lost her Graduate status since graduating on 2nd December 1987.

Like most Graduates and Mini Graduates, Mildred has had her times of struggle, and it is to her credit that she has persevered, and has achieved even greater success in recent years. On the odd occasions in the earlier years when she did exceed the maximum allowance, she was always back `within' very quickly, usually the following week or within 2 weeks. Mildred is truly an inspiration to all within our club.

In the last 9 years Mildred has maintained her weight extremely well, consistently being "on" or within .5kgs of her goal weight, and only on the rare occasion has she weighed in over the .5kgs above her goal weight.

Mildred is very honest in her approach to weighing in and is inclined to feel embarrassed at her success. She constantly reminds other Graduates and Mini Graduates in our club that she would like some competition. Mildred's attendance at weight club is very consistent - she has rarely missed a club night.

State Awards presented to Mildred during her membership:

Club Awards which have also been presented are:

Aspendale TOWN club is extremely proud of Mildred's achievements both at Club and State level; she is an inspiration to all TOWN members. TOWN Clubs of Victoria are proud to include Mildred into their Hall of Fame as Graduate for 2006.