Bev Emmett - Wyndham

Category: Weight Loss 2006

Since joining Wyndham TOWN Club on the 12th August 2005 Bev has completely changed her life around. Bev's weight losses each week have been amazing with the majority being 1 kilos plus.

Bev lost weight for 34 consecutive weeks before her first absence due to ill health. She continued to lose weight and only had a tiny .1 of a kilo gain on her 42nd weigh in. In 47 weeks of membership Bev's record shows 45 losses, 1 gain of .1 and 1 absence with a total loss of 66.6 kilos.

This wonderful weight loss has meant that Bev has received many awards both at Club and State Level. At club level during 2005/2006 she received Runner Up to Club Queen of the year, 50 kilos loss award, 34 weeks continuous loss, weekly queen 8 times, weekly runner up queen 11 times, monthly queen 6 times, monthly runner up 2 times, quarterly queen 3 times. In the same year Bev received the Runner Up to State Queen 2005/2006 and a 50 kilos loss award.

A very quiet and private person Bev's self esteem has gown, as her weight has gone down. With these changes her self esteem has also grown and she has become a proud and confident person who is willing to share her weight loss journey.

By setting small achievable goals Bev has trained herself to be a very motivated person who knows what moderation is. Always very committed and determined to reach her goal and is an inspiration to all TOWN members. Wyndham club are very proud of her achievements.

TOWN Clubs of Victoria are proud to include Bev in our Hall Of Fame for 2006 as she is an excellent example of how to lose weight the TOWN way.