Avis Henthorn - Monbulk Day

Category: Graduate 2007

Avis has won a great number of awards at State Night and her clubs Annuals Awards. She has been an outstanding member for Monbulk Day TOWN Club. Avis also received Graduate of the week nearly every week as well. Avis has been a graduate member for 14 years, she received her 12 year award at State Night 2006.

Avis is not just an outstanding member that received all the awards, she also puts her heart and soul into the club. Avis has been a member since the club started.

Avis opens the hall every Friday morning and turns on the heaters to make sure everyone is warm. Avis sets up just about everything before everyone else arrives. She is the first to put up her hand to do anything for the club, for example fundraising to help the club.