Sue Litchfield - Wyndham

Category: Weight Loss 2007

Sue joined on the 4th of February 2005 and immediately set about changing her lifestyle. She constantly worked on her eating habits until she was able to work out the right food groups for her. Sue had taught swimming for over twenty five years and she gradually included walking and bike riding into her daily routine to compliment her weight loss journey.

She has impressed us all with her determination and focus to successfully lose weight each week. In the seven weeks she weighed in the 2004/2005 TOWN year, Sue lost 8.2 kilos. She continued to impress us all with her dedication and in the 2005/2006 TOWN year Sue had 47 losses and 3 small gains totalling 0.5 of a kilo. Her total loss for the year was 42 kilos.

Everone felt for Sue when she had her first gain after 48 consecutive weight losses. Sue, however, was very positive and taught us that you never give up and think that a slip means failure. There is always tomorrow and a chance to continue your journey.

Sue weighed in every week since she joined Wyhdham, weighing in at the Bellarine Club when on holidays, and has consistently lost weight.

Sue has had some personal crisis to challenge her weight loss journey this past year. At all times she has remained positive. We are all proud of how she has continued to remain motivated to complete her journey and not fall back into her old emotional eating pattern which would have been so easy to do. It was a very special day for us all when Sue completed her maintenance on February 16 2007. Sue has continued to face the challenge of maintaining her weight loss with determination and dedication and never gets discouraged by the scales.

Sue is our quiet achiever. She is very generous with her time, always willing to share her story and contribute to group discussions. She has the ability to make everyone at Wyndham feel special and has taught us all not to expect so much of ourselves, to take one step and one situation at a time and to try putting our own best interests first. Sue is always encouraging fellow members with her positive outlook and enjoyment of life and to not let bad moments overcome us. Her journey has shown us that there will always be challenges to face and changes to make in our lives it is up to us to accept them. Her motto is NEVER GIVE UP.

Once a shy person, losing weight has given Sue the confidence to be herself. When we had an Around the World competition, Sue decided to learn about the lifestyle of each country she visited. She lost weight every week and would dress up in the costume of the country she had last visited when she weighed in the next week. Sue felt so comfortable with everyone that she was able to show us what she calls the "silly" side of her.

Sue looks fantastic and is an inspiration to us all. Sue always takes the time to chat with everyone, asks how things are going? and offer any advice she may have. Her warmth and friendship brightens our Friday mornings.

We are lucky to have such a happy, totally unassuming member encourage us to believe in the pursuit of goals and teach us that we can succeed if we are willing to work at it.