Averil Soulsby - Teesdale

Category: Weight Loss 2008

Averil started her weight loss journey in 1994 as a founding member of Newtown TOWN Club, she weighed 127.3 kgs and then resigned a little lighter in 1998 at 123.7 kgs.

In 1998 Averil helped found Teesdale TOWN Club returning to TOWN heavier at 133.5 kgs. Averil hard a hard time losing her weight hitting her heaviest at 150.4 kgs in June 2005. Averil continued to struggle with losing weight through 2005/2006, however in 2007 started to become focused and was club queen that year.

Averil has been an inspiration to all at Teesdale TOWN club as she has lost 48 times and only 1 gain in a total of 50 weeks. This years TOWN Recognition Night will be a highlight for Averil as not only has she lost all this weight and was a fantastic queen but amazed us all when she won State Queen of the year.

Averil has now reached her goal weight and is a very healthy 68 kilos. Averil is always willing to lend a helping hand when there are things to be done, since she has taken on the role of group therapy coordinator, members are excited to shee what she has in store for them each week.

Teesdale TOWN Club members are very proud of Averil and hope she continues to be successful as a long term TOWN Graduate.