Cecelia Walsh - Rowville

Category: Graduate 2019

Cecelia Walsh of Rowville TOWN Club

The members of Rowville TOWN have nominated Cecelia Walsh for the Graduate of the Year 2019. Cecelia joined our TOWN club in June 2017 and has done extremely well. She lost 12kgs in 12 months therefore winning the title of QUEEN of The year 2018 for Rowville Town. Cecelia soon achieved graduate status in January 2018 has been so vigilant in keeping her Graduate title until date. Cecelia’s smile is so contagious and she is so positive and encouraging to everyone around her. She is so dedicated in giving her ideas to help improve our club. The members of Rowville TOWN club hold Cecelia in high regard. Cecelia is very dedicated to TOWN and fills in for the treasurer when needed. We are very fortunate to have Cecelia in our TOWN club and we wish Cecelia all the very best in her endeavors.