Lorraine Herbert - Wheatsheaf

Category: Outstanding Service 2018

Lorraine joined Wheatsheaf TOWN in 2002 and is currently serving her third term as Leader of Zone 9. Lorraine has assisted other Clubs with Group Therapy activities, including ideas for competitions to motivate and encourage weight loss.  She attends all TOWN meetings in Bendigo and locally, and has been involved in several Training Days.  Lorraine has alternated in holding the positions of Leader and Co-Leader over the past 16 years.  No other member has been willing or able to take up that challenge.  She is totally dedicated to personally help each of her members on their weight loss journey.  In her commitment to our Club, Lorraine devotes so much of her own time and energy.  She is continually looking for new ideas and activities to motivate members to lose weight and improve their health and wellbeing.  To ensure communication between members is clear, Lorraine has supplied us with newsletter containing ideas, activities, weight loss tips and nutritious recipes.  Lorraine is a born organizer and prepares interesting meetings which members look forward to each week.  Under her leadership our Club has produced many graduates.  Because members are inspired by Lorraine’s leadership we have many members who have continued in the Club for over 10 years realizing that if they leave they may revert to former poor eating patterns.  Due to her ongoing devotion to Wheatsheaf and the ethos of TOWN Lorraine certainly deserves to be inducted to the Hall of Fame.