Lynette Mott - Knox

Category: Graduate 2018

Lyn joined Knox TOWN Club in 1992. During her years with TOWN she has been our Club Secretary numerous times and is always willing to put her hand up to help out in any way needed.
In 2003 Lyn reached her Doctors weight and became a Graduate losing over 15 kilos. Lyn has maintained her graduate status for the past 15 years and during this time Lyn has never been outside the Graduate guidelines, her consistency to be either on or Within 0.5 of her Doctor’s weight is incredible and a real credit to Lyn.  For the past nine years Lyn has been Knox TOWN Clubs Annual Club Graduate.  An achievement we all strive for.  Lyn received the State award of Runner Up Graduate in 2014-2015 and in 2018 received her 15 Year Graduate award.  Lyn’s amazing commitment and outstanding weight control is an inspiration to all members at Knox TOWN Club.