Jennifer Wootton - Oban Heights

Category: Outstanding Service 2017

Jennifer is a valued member of Oban Heights TOWN Club and has contributed since 25th August 1994.  During this time Jennifer has held committee positions and every executive committee position numerous times, including Club Leader on five occasions.  Her knowledge of TOWN Club rules and procedures is outstanding, and if questioned on a rule, she always makes sure it is double checked for accuracy.  Jennifer displays confidence and encouragement to all new members, and assists everyone on committee where possible.  She is very positive, wanting the Club to do well on our weight loss journey.  Jennifer is also very approachable with regard to members who have health or personal problems, or attendance at meetings, assisting, but keeping with TOWN guidelines.  Many extra hours are spent away from meetings, attending to Oban heights records, award and weight reviews etc.  She has given freely of her time for many years, organizing and assisting at Training Days, Maroondah Festival and Lilydale Show. 

This submission has been strongly endorsed by Zone 10, who believes that there is no more committed TOWN member than Jennifer. Her knowledge of weight recording procedures and rules is outstanding.  She is a willing worker and is always available to lend a hand, undertake necessary tasks, and has been a highly active participant at Club, Zone and Board levels.