Pat Johnson - Maroondah

Category: Graduate 2017

Pat joined Maroondah TOWN Club on 25th March 1993 with a starting weight of 81.3 kilos.  At graduated on 12th August 1993 reaching her goal weight of 66 kilos in 5 months.  Although Pat has had several changes to her goal weight since joining, she has managed to maintain her Graduate status for the past 23 years.  Pat continues to be one of the first of several members to arrive each week assisting with setting up the Club rooms, and invariably among the last to leave.  Pat sells our Special Effort tickets each night and regularly attends our monthly committee meetings.  Pat is rarely outside her allowable graduate limits of .5 either side of her goal weight over a 50 week period and is a valued member of our Club who constantly inspires us all.  Pat received her 21 Year Graduate award in 2015.