Lydia Wynne - Croydon

Category: Weight Loss 2017

It is our pleasure to nominate Lydia Wynne for the Hall of Fame in the weight loss category. Lydia has been an integral part of Croydon TOWN Club since 2007, when she joined weighing 141.6 kilograms.  Since then she has contributed countless hours both in office at our Club and extra in her own time.  Lydia struggled on her weight loss journey until 2015 when she took control and has now lost an incredible 71.6 kilos.  This gives hope to those of us who are struggling that our time will come.  She has been an inspiration to us all as she has maintained her graduate status for over twelve months now.  Lydia was runner up to the Queen in the state awards in 2015/16, and received her 50 kilo award also in 2015/16.  Lydia has also inspired others at many neighboring Clubs as she has been invited to their meetings as a motivational speaker.  To some of these Clubs, she has been asked back numerous times as she is so inspiring.  Lydia is a wonderful lady who is much loved and a valued member of Croydon TOWN Club.