Marcia White - Maroondah

Category: Graduate 2009

Marcia joined Maroondah TOWN Club in February 1977, graduating on 12th February 1978. Marcia held status for five years until 1983. She graduated again in February 1988 as a Mini Graduate. She was recently awarded a 21-year Graduate award.

Marcia works part-time at a Lilydale bakery and it astounds all club members that she has the will power to avoid the delicious assortment of bread and cakes on offer.

Her success in maintaining her goal weight is a combination of correct eating habits combined with regular exercise which includes water aerobatics and tap dancing.

Since Marcia's husband retired, his and Marcia's love of fishing often takes them away to pursue this pastime. Marcia manages to maintain within the 0.5kg range of her goal weight by filling out calorie sheets every week even when she is away on holidays and will invariably return to club on or just over her goal weight.

All new members are put into Marcia's group for group therapy for at least a one month period where she advises as to what is expected as a TOWN member and gives a sound grounding as to the correct methods of losing weight.

With her commitment and successful weight management, Marcia is an inspiration to all at her club.