Gill Cochrane - Nunawading

Category: Outstanding Service 2015

Gill is not a person who seeks, or feels confident in the limelight, and it takes some courage for her to accept any leadership role.  Nevertheless she has done so and has been very active in service for TOWN as follows:

Zone:  Unfortunately our Club does not hold comprehensive records of the past, but there is evidence that Gill represented Nunawading at Zone meetings from the late 1990’s.  She was Zone Registrar from 2005-2008, and again from 2011-2013.  She is currently completeing her second year as Zone 10 Leader and is available for re election in the coming year.

Central Council – Gill is a committed member of Central Council and has faithfully attended meetings whilst she has been in office for Zone.

General:  Over the past 22 years Gill has attended TOWN AGM’s, and other training opportunities, where she shares this learning, information, and experience with Club.  In the past (prior to Dianne’s appointment) she sometimes used to accompany Anne Crombie to assist with tasks at Head Office.  She continues to assist other Clubs (when invited) with weight recording issues, stemming from her time as Zone Registrar.  She still continues to provide support to Manningham TOWN Club, and her expertise is greatly valued.

Gill has been a general member of TOWN since joining on 2nd March 1992.  Gill was a foundation member of Nunawading TOWN Club - transferring from Doncaster on 10.6.1992.  She has always been most committed to the smooth functioning of the Club, becoming Weight Recorder the following year, and has remained actively involved with weight recording to the present. During 1993 to 1998 Gill was either Weight Recorder or Assistant, and similarly from 2005 to the present - a total of 15 years.

In 2012, Gill initiated training within the Club to recruit and train several members as potential Weight Recorders, and this has resulted in an increase in both competence and confidence in those members.

In the past year Gill has assumed responsibility for Group Therapy, as she believed that this was being neglected or ineffective in the past few years.  She has ensured that she has participated in Group training, and has been working to upskill some of our members in conducting the groups.  Some stimulating group sessions have resulted.

In many ways Gill is the "heart and soul" of Nunawading TOWN Club. She is the person whom members approach for information and support. She has an excellent knowledge of the Club history, and TOWN protocols and procedures, frequently reminding the Committee that they need to be starting to plan for a particular event.

She has provided invaluable advice and support to most Leaders, and office bearers, being willing to adopt tasks which assists them in undertaking their duties. Over the past 22 years she has actively provided help behind the scenes, always arriving early and leaving last. She is always alert for new ideas to improve, support and promote TOWN, both at a State, and Club level.

Nunawading T.O.W.N. Club cannot recommend her highly enough for your consideration.