Sandra Koetz - Ferntree Gully

Category: Weight Loss 2015

The Committee and Members of Ferntree Gully TOWN Club would like to nominate Sandra Koetz for the Hall of Fame Weight Loss Award for 2015.

Sandra joined Ferntree Gully TOWN Club on the 14th January 2009 weighing 123.0kg.  During the first 3 months Sandra lost 12.2kg Then in the 2009 -2010 with 39 losses during the year Sandra lost another 26.6kg and became the FTG Queen.

Then the wheels fell off and over the next 3 years Sandra gained weight each year….But she kept coming….and we kept supporting her and convinced her not to leave and to keep trying.

Sandra was determined to achieve her goal and she started seriously exercising as well as concentrating on what she was eating.

In 2013 – 2014 weight year Sandra lost another 19.6kg and followed that up in the 2014 -2015 weight loss year with a further 10.2kg and reached her Doctors weight on 8th October 2014 and completed her maintenance on 19th November 2014 and became a full Graduate

Since joining FTG TOWN Sandra has lost a massive 53.0kg.

Sandra has shown all the characteristics that would make her an ideal recipient of the Hall of Fame Weight Loss award. She has shown determination, consistency and perseverance and has lost her weight the old fashion way with sheer hard work, watching what she eats and has increased her exercise regime.

Sandra has been an inspiration to us all and it has been an honour to watch this shy young lady transform herself in the beautiful confident lady that walked the red carpet to collect her 50kg award at this year’s Recognition night.

We hope that you will consider Sandra to be a worthy winner of the 2015 Hall of Fame Weight Loss Award.