Marjorie Dickason - Wheatsheaf

Category: Graduate 2014

The Committee and Members of Wheatsheaf TOWN Club would like to nominate Marjorie Dickason for the TOWN Graduate Award 2014. We believe Marjorie would be a fitting winner of the TOWN Graduate Award.

Marjorie joined Wheatsheaf Glenroy on 16th July 2001.  She lost 20 kilos and attained goal weight on 25th February 2002.  She became the first graduate of our Club on 8th April 2002.  She was also the Club’s first Queen. 

Marjorie has maintained her graduate status for 12 years.  Marjorie has always been willing to assist in Club duties.  She arrives for each meeting at least an hour before the scheduled time to assist in setting up.

Marjorie is always happy to mentor other members on their weight loss journey.  She is first to volunteer in any emergency when a committee member is unavailable.  This has meant that she has been an assistant weight recorder on many occasions.

Marjorie has received many awards for attendance and supports the Club at State functions.

Marjorie was Queen of the Year for Wheatsheaf in 2002.  She has been Graduate of the Year for Wheatsheaf from 2005-2009.