Dorothy Evans - Aspendale

Category: Outstanding Service 2010

Dorothy joined Moorabbin TOWN Club on 29th August 1988 and became a Graduate in 1989, then transferred to Aspendale TOWN Club in 1991.

Dorothy currently holds Mini Graduate status and has worked hard over the years of her membership to maintain her Graduate status. This has been recognized by the awards received as a 3-year and 6-year Graduate of TOWN and many annual awards at club level.

Dorothy has served on the TOWN Board since 2003 and held the positions of Board Member, TOWN Treasurer, and Minute Secretary. Dorothy has never refused to accept even the most difficult and time consuming portfolios and has contributed greatly to the success of our Training days, a portfolio she held for three years. Currently Dorothy is managing the Web Site portfolio and is doing excellent work ensuring the development of a new and exciting website.

At club level Dorothy served firstly at Moorabbin as Co-Leader and after transferring to Aspendale has continuously served as a committee member holding a variety of important positions. In what little spare time this busy lady has, she also compiled the history of Aspendale TOWN Club.

Dorothy is a quiet achiever and a dedicated and active member of TOWN. She is very knowledgeable in TOWN rules and is a great club member who is always ready to help with advice and direction when asked.

Aspendale TOWN Club is extremely proud of Dorothy.