Ann Burns - Ararat

Category: Outstanding Service 2012

Ararat members are all proud of, and grateful for her contribution not just to their Club, but to clubs throughout Victoria.  Ann has been a consistent and regular member for almost 26 years.

Ann is a long term TOWN member and during that time she has served both at club and TOWN Zone level. At Ararat TOWN club she has been a committee member for the past 19 years, always carrying out her duties in a conscientious, friendly and helpful manner. For many years Ann attended meetings in Melbourne before Zones were set up, and since zones existence Ann has attended Zone meetings regularly and has held various positions in Zone 12, currently Registrar.

Ann’s TOWN knowledge has been of great assistance to all members, and she has proved vital to the successful running of the Ararat TOWN Club.  Ann motivates and inspires members each week, and assisting members to achieve weight loss goals, and to continue to work towards success when finding the going difficult and never give up in the constant battle to achieve a healthy weight.

The knowledge, the willingness to assist and the commitment to TOWN and its values make Ann most worthy to be an inductee to the Hall of Fame and the Ararat TOWN Club has no hesitation in recommending her for this honour.