Lois Hurstfield - Grampians

Category: Graduate 2011

Grampian Members are proud to nominate Lois Hurstfield for the Hall of Fame in the category of Graduate.

Lois joined Ararat TOWN club in 1993.  12 months later she graduated, losing 13 kgs. 

In 1998 a daytime club in Ararat was formed, known as Grampians.  Lois transferred and was elected the inaugural Treasurer.  Over the last 13 years Lois has held many positions on the club committee, and also has served TOWN as Zone Leader and Zone Registrar.

Lois has held Graduate status since 1994, and has maintained her weight, being either on or within .5 of her goal weight.  Lois has not missed a day since Grampians started.

During her membership of 13 years at Grampians, Lois has represented the club at every TOWN recognition night, as their graduate queen.